More Homes for Buyers this Summer!

More Homes for Buyers this Summer!


More homes for buyers this summer in Naples!

Buyers will Find More Homes for Sale this summer

This is great news for buyers who previously found it difficult to find a home in Naples, Florida

Nabor has just issued the May 2016 Market Report which provides comparisons of single-family home and condominium sales (via the Southwest Florida MLS), price ranges and geographic segmentation and includes an overall market summary.

Naples, Fla. (June 17, 2016) – As predicted by the area’s leading broker analysts, activity in the real estate market for the month of May continued to follow a distinct and successive self-correcting path with areas of impressive growth and opportunity. Buyers and sellers alike will find the numbers encouraging. As identified in the May 2016 Market Report released by the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®), which tracks home listings and sales within Collier County (excluding Marco Island), evidence of increasing consumer confidence is becoming more apparent as sellers returned to the market in May, resulting in a 37 percent increase in overall inventory.


May’s pending and closed sales activity also continued on a trajectory of improvement with a mere 6 percent and 5 percent decrease, respectively, as compared month to month over last year’s very strong results. As summer approaches, buyers will be happy to learn that median closed prices in May continued on the same trend seen in recent months, and remain steady in all price segments above $300,000 (12-months ending May 2016). The median closed price was $338,000 in May 2016 compared to $332,00 in May 2015.


“The properties selling now are homes by owners who have priced their properties realistically,” said Brenda Fioretti, Managing Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty. “These home sellers have either been watching the market closely themselves or, more likely, have an ally, like a REALTOR®, whose keen eye and experience is helping them price their home competitively to sell.”


There is good news for buyers who previously found it difficult to find a home to buy in our market. Several broker analysts remarked that median closed prices earlier this year were reflective of sellers “testing the ceiling.” But May’s 37 percent climb in inventory coupled with steady prices in most price segments indicates a stable and inviting market environment going into summer.


The report shows condominium inventory is increasing in every corner of Naples. In fact, there was a huge surge in May listings for condominiums in both the Naples Beach and North Naples areas. The rising inventory offers buyers a wider selection of homes this summer. There were 5,207 homes on the market for sale in May 2016 compared to 3,800 in May 2015.

Click HERE for Statistics:

“The increase in inventory tells me that our market is very attractive,” said Jeff Jones, Managing Broker at the Naples-Park Shore office of Coldwell Banker®. “It’s encouraging for homebuyers looking in the below $300,000 market that inventory was up 29 percent in that segment [to 1,391 homes in May 2016 from 1,076 homes in May 2015]. As more properties come on the market, buyers will have more options and won’t be forced to make aggressive offers.”


The NABOR® May 2016 Market Report provides comparisons of single-family home and condominium sales (via the Southwest Florida MLS), price ranges, and geographic segmentation and includes an overall market summary. The NABOR® May 2016 sales statistics are presented in chart format, including these overall (single-family and condominium) findings:

Total homes under contract (pending sales) 921 977 -6%
Total closed sales 838 1,010 -17%
Median closed price $338,000 $332,000 2%
Total active listings (inventory) 5,207 3,800 37%
Average days on market 73 75 -3%
Single-family closed sales 396 430 -8%
Single-family median closed price $432,000 $427,000 1%
Single-family inventory 2,744 2,168 27%
Condominium closed sales 442 570 -22%
Condominium median closed price $276,000 $268,000 3%
Condominium inventory 2,463 1,632 51%


Additional activity of interest in the NABOR® May 2016 Market Report includes:

  • Overall pending sales in the $300,000 to $500,000 price segment increased 1 percent to 258 in May 2016 from 256 in May 2015.
  • Overall pending sales for single-family homes in the East Naples geographic area (34114, 34117, 34120, 34137) increased 14 percent to 129 in May 2016 from 113 in May 2015.
  • Overall closed sales in the Immokalee/Ave Maria geographic area (34142) increased 26 percent to 48 homes in the 12-months ending May 2016 from 38 homes in the 12-months ending May 2015.
  • Median closed price for condominiums in the $2 million and above price category decreased 19 percent to $2,275,000 in May 2016 from $2,800,000 in May 2015.
  • Inventory for single-family homes under $300,000 decreased 5 percent to 291 homes in May 2016 from 307 homes in May 2015.
  • Inventory for condominiums in the $1 million to $2 million price category increased 92 percent to 190 in May 2016 from 99 in May 2015.
  • Inventory for condominiums in the Naples Beach geographic area (34102, 34103, 34108) increased 71 percent to 638 condominiums in May 2016 from 373 condominiums in May 2015.
  • Inventory for condominiums in the North Naples geographic area (34109, 34110, 34119) increased 66 percent to 673 condominiums in May 2016 from 406 condominiums in May 2015.
  • Average days on market for single-family homes in the $1 million to $2 million price category saw the largest decrease, 38 percent, to 81 days in May 2016 from 130 days in May 2015.


Since more inventory has come into play, it could be quite the busy season. According to John Steinwand, Broker and Principal at Naples Realty Services, Inc., “The market appears to be ‘catching its breath.’ People are still looking for bargains in Southwest Florida and this summer may be a great time to buy as no one really knows what will happen afterr the presidential election.”

Jones remarked, “This is an excellent time to be buying a home in Naples. The inventory has increased, home prices have not changed much in most of the market compared to a year ago, and banks seem to be issuing more mortgage approvals. The report showed 40 percent of May’s sales were conventional versus 60 percent cash sales.”


It looks like a strong year ahead for Southwest Florida’s commercial real estate. The commercial market in South Naples, according to Wes Kunkle, President and Managing Broker at Kunkle International Realty, is seeing huge growth with many national chains coming to the U.S. 41 and State Road 951 corridor. Interestingly, overall closed home sales in the South Naples geographic area decreased the least of all areas recorded, by only 1 percent, to 145 homes in May 2016 from 146 homes in May 2015.


While it’s great to stay on top of national and statewide housing trends, buyers and sellers should keep in mind that the trends national publications are communicating might not apply to unique Naples communities. That’s why it’s best to consult with a Naples area REALTOR® to always be up-to-date and informed about the local market. Let a REALTOR® be your guide.


The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®) is an established organization (Chartered in 1949) whose members have a positive and progressive impact on the Naples Community. NABOR® is a local board of REALTORS® and real estate professionals with a legacy of nearly 60 years serving 5,000 plus members. NABOR® is a member of the Florida Realtors and the National Association of REALTORS®, which is the largest association in the United States with more than 1.3 million members and over 1,400 local board of REALTORS® nationwide. NABOR® is structured to provide programs and services to its membership through various committees and the NABOR® Board of Directors, all of whose members are non-paid volunteers.


Kristine Sawka, Realtor will help buyers find their home in Paradise this summer.


The term REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and who subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics.

Why do I need title insurance?

Why do I need title insurance?

Why do I need title insurance?

Why do I need title insurance? What is title insurance? How much is this going to cost me? These are common questions that buyers ask as they learn about the closing process when buying a home. I was at a meeting yesterday at North American Title Company and truly learned the importance of title insurance and why every buyer should get title insurance.

What is title?

Title is the legal right that a person has to the ownership and possession of land. Since it is possible that someone other than the seller has a prior legal right to the property you’re buying, the premium coverage offered by the Homeowner’s Policy provides you with added peace of mind.

What is title insurance?
Title insurance offers protection against claims resulting from various defects (as set out in the policy) that may exist in the title to a specific parcel of real property, effective on the issue date of the policy.

What is a “defect?”
A defect can include a prior claim of ownership from someone other than the person selling you the property, for instance an ex-wife, a former partner or a co-inheritor. It could also include a claim for an easement, giving someone a right of access across your land.

Edith Martinez, an education trainer at the Learning Center for Old Republic Title, said, “A Search is as good as what is in public records.” She went on to explain that there are three common types of defects:

  1. The seller doesn’t own the property
  2. Unreleased lien
  3. Missing or mis-recorded property information

Sue Martin, a business consultant at North American Title Company, Joanne Roach, an agency account manager for Old Republic Title, and Ms. Martinez all were seasoned professionals in this business for many years and had a plethora of stories about defects in titles that most people would not even think of! Keep in mind, even when you purchase a new home, the soil that it is on is old and has a history! has much more information on title insurance. Click HERE to go to their site.

North American Title company also lists 50 potential Title Defects that are typically covered by a title insurance policy. Click below to find out more.

More Than 50 Ways Owner’s Title Insurance Protects Your Homeownership Rights

To search for properties and find your next home, click HERE.

How much does title insurance cost?

The single premium is directly related to the value of your home.

About Promulgated Rates

Sale Price Rate Sale Price Rate Sale Price Rate
20,000 115.00 230,000 1,225.00 610,000 3,125.00
25,000 143.75 235,000 1,250.00 620,000 3,175.00
30,000 172.50 240,000 1,275.00 630,000 3,225.00
35,000 201.25 245,000 1,300.00 640,000 3,275.00
40,000 230.00 250,000 1,325.00 650,000 3,325.00
45,000 258.75 255,000 1,350.00 660,000 3,375.00
50,000 287.50 260,000 1,375.00 670,000 3,425.00
55,000 316.25 265,000 1,400.00 680,000 3,475.00
60,000 345.00 270,000 1,425.00 690,000 3,525.00
65,000 373.75 280,000 1,475.00 700,000 3,575.00
70,000 402.50 290,000 1,525.00 710,000 3,625.00
75,000 431.25 300,000 1,575.00 720,000 3,675.00
80,000 460.00 310,000 1,625.00 730,000 3,725.00
85,000 488.75 320,000 1,675.00 740,000 3,775.00
90,000 517.50 330,000 1,725.00 750,000 3,825.00
95,000 546.25 340,000 1,775.00 760,000 3,875.00
100,000 575.00 350,000 1,825.00 770,000 3,925.00
105,000 600.00 360,000 1,875.00 780,000 3,975.00
110,000 625.00 370,000 1,925.00 790,000 4,025.00
115,000 650.00 380,000 1,975.00 800,000 4,075.00
120,000 675.00 390,000 2,025.00 810,000 4,125.00
125,000 700.00 400,000 2,075.00 820,000 4,175.00
130,000 725.00 410,000 2,125.00 830,000 4,225.00
135,000 750.00 420,000 2,175.00 840,000 4,275.00
140,000 775.00 430,000 2,225.00 850,000 4,325.00
145,000 800.00 440,000 2,275.00 860,000 4,375.00
150,000 825.00 450,000 2,325.00 870,000 4,425.00
155,000 850.00 460,000 2,375.00 880,000 4,475.00
160,000 875.00 470,000 2,425.00 890,000 4,525.00
165,000 900.00 480,000 2,475.00 900,000 4,575.00
170,000 925.00 490,000 2,525.00 910,000 4,625.00
175,000 950.00 500,000 2,575.00 920,000 4,675.00
180,000 975.00 510,000 2,625.00 930,000 4,725.00
185,000 1,000.00 520,000 2,675.00 940,000 4,775.00
190,000 1,025.00 530,000 2,725.00 950,000 4,825.00
195,000 1,050.00 540,000 2,775.00 960,000 4,875.00
200,000 1,075.00 550,000 2,825.00 970,000 4,925.00
205,000 1,100.00 560,000 2,875.00 980,000 4,975.00
210,000 1,125.00 570,000 2,925.00 990,000 5,025.00
215,000 1,150.00 580,000 2,975.00 1,000,000 5,075.00
220,000 1,175.00 590,000 3,025.00 1,100,000 5,325.00
225,000 1,200.00 600,000 3,075.00 1,200,000 5,575.00

Rates calculated as follows: $5.75 per thousand up to 100,000; $5.00 per thousand 100,000 to 1 million; $2.50 per thousand over 1 million.
Regulations require charging for title search, examination and closing fees. A lower rate may be charged in some types of transactions such as refinances, and certain other transactions.

Typically, in Collier County buyers pay for title insurance and in Lee County County sellers pay for title insurance. In both cases the buyer’s pay for all endorsements. Keep in mind, most people pay more for their car insurance than title insurance on a home! The title insurance is a one time fee. It will continue to provide coverage for as long as you or your heirs own the property.



Fox Squirrel at North Collier Regional Park

Fox Squirrel at North Collier Regional Park


Today my husband, John and I went for our morning walk at the North Collier Regional Park. This rare beautiful fox squirrel is building a home in the trees and is a regularly seen from the boardwalk. Naples is fortunate to have amazing parks throughout the city and county.

North Collier Regional Park is located at 15000 Livingston Road, Naples, FL 34109. To search for properties in this area click HERE

8 tournament soccer fields
5 tournament softball fields
Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park
RecPlex Fitness Complex
Calusa fossil dig play area for children
Interactive playground
Exhibit Hall Park Ranger tours and education
General Park Hours
Monday through Sunday
6 a.m.-10 p.m.
Phone: 239-252-4000
North Collier Regional Park is a prime location for adults and children to gather and enjoy beautiful Southwest Florida.

The park, as seen on the map, includes a gorgeous state-of-the-art water park, Sun-N-Fun Lagoon, and several tournament fields that will be utilized to maximize tourism dollars in the Collier County area.North Collier Regional Park Map

Many times on our walks we enjoy watching the sailing regatta at the park.

Sailing Regatta at North Collier Regional Park in Naples, FL

Sailing Regatta at North Collier Regional Park in Naples, FL

IMG_1451 IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1458

Click HERE for more information on North Collier Regional Park

From I-75 take exit 111, Immokalee road head west to Livingston road turn south, Sun-N-Fun Lagoon will be on the left. Located inside of North Collier Regional Park

The Exhibit Hall boasts a plethora of learning opportunities for people of all ages. Programs have included pirate lunches, shark and fisheries discussions, North Collier Regional Park preserve tours on wheels and on foot in addition to dozens of other fun activities. The Exhibit Hall includes Nature Space and a special gift store, dedicate to small gifts of learning. The store includes toys and books of learning for younger children, tweens, teens and also books for adults.

The RecPlex includes a 6,000 sq. ft. exercise facility, a double enclosed gymnasium and babysitting services. Fitness equipment features Cybex (able bodied and special needs accessible), Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. The RecPlex exercise center includes eleven elliptical, 10 recumbent bikes and 13 treadmills plus free weights and weight machines.

The Can U Dig It state-of-the-art playground looks like something from the future with a colorful, modern design.
The sleek look packs a lot of play value.

The playground includes the usuals such as slides, swings and climbing apparatus, but takes play a step further. Kids can spin themselves dizzy on squiggely poles, climb on boulders that look like they came from the Monument Valley or become junior archeologists in the covered fossil dig area. Can U Dig it? Your kids will love the opportunity to have fun and work at the same time. Some playground equipment is interactive for both children and adults to enjoy the experience of learning while relaxing in our beautiful North Collier Regional Park. Can U Dig It is located in the park just beyond the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon water park entry.

This is one of our grandchildren’s favorite spots in Naples!…Ours too!


Here is the latest Tiburon real estate market update. Find out more about Tiburon

Here is the latest Tiburon real estate market update. Find out more about Tiburon

Here is the latest Tiburon real estate market update! The price range in Tiburon is from the low $300,000 for a condo in Ventana at Tiburon to over $4,000,000 for a single family estate home in Escada at Tiburon. Currently, there are 15 homes for sale in Ventana at Tiburon.  Castillo at Tiburon has 13 homes for sale and one pending. Bolero at Tiburon has 6 homes for sale and one pending. Marquesa Royale at Tiburon has 3 homes for sale and one recent sale. I also have a pocket listing there, contact me for details at There are 4 homes for sale in Esperanza at Tiburon, and two homes that are pending. Serafina at Tiburon has 4 homes for sale and one recent sold home. Norman Estates at Tiburon has one home pending. Marsala at Tiburon has one active listing. Escada at Tiburon has 2 homes for sale and 1 pending.

These are fantastic pictures of Marquesa Royale at Tiburon. Contact me for information on the listings or click this link to search for your next home in Tiburon.

782158_700 communitypool_700 neighborhood_700 neighborhood1_700


If you are not familiar with Tiburon, here is an overview:

Tiburon is a WCI Community of unmatched beauty, 36 holes of Greg Norman-designed golf, home to the nationally acclaimed Shark Shootout, 27,000 square foot Golf Club, Sydney’s Restaurant and Pub, nationally ranked golf shop, Member Concierge Services, 7,000 square foot fitness and health club, personal training and spa treatment rooms. The development is located in North Naples.

Tiburon’s relaxed resort-style ambiance is enhanced by a distinctive collection of luxury condominiums and single-family homes. the Mediterranean-inspired architecture celebrates the outdoors with courtyards, expansive lanais and balconies with views of fairways, native Florida vegetation and sparkling lakes. Inside, each thoughtfully designed residence offers spacious floorplans with features such as state-of-the-art appliances and finishes. Comfortable and elegant- this is Tiburon!

Click HERE for information on the Tiburon Golf Club

Tiburon is located at the corner of Airport Pulling Road and Vanderbilt Beach Road and is home to two Greg Norman-designed golf courses featuring 36 championship holes. Tiburon is also home to the annual Franklin Templeton Shootout. Golf is just the beginning of this magnificent resort-style community. Residents enjoy an award winning 27,000 square-foot clubhouse. The clubhouse is equipped with fine and casual dining, award winning golf pro shop, member locker rooms, fitness center that includes weight training equipment, personal training instructors, and the Rick Smith Golf Academy. Tiburon’s amenities include spa services with two massage rooms, resort-style heated pool, four lighted tennis courts, luxury beach transport, Member Concierge services are located adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. Tiburon also holds the annual Winter Wine Festival. Residents have a choice beautiful of single family homes, condominiums, and estates.

Contact Kristine Sawka at for more information.





What is  a CDD? CDD Stands for Community Development District

What is a CDD? CDD Stands for Community Development District

What is a CDD? I am asked that question many times from buyers that are new to Naples, FL. CDD stands for Community Development District. CDD responsibilities may include sewer and wastewater management, storm water management, potable and irrigation water supply, security services, roads, street lights, bridges, landscaping, park and recreational facilities. The CDD is a loan used to build the infrastructure of the community and is billed annually on your property tax bill. The Debt Service Fee is used to pay off the loan for the initial infrastructure for the development. The O & M or operation and maintenance fee is the fee for ongoing maintenance of the development such as maintaining lakes, fountains, landscaping and roads. This consistent and quality-controlled method of management helps to protect the long term property values in a community.

Residents of a Community Development District know that the standards of the community will be maintained long after the developer is gone. The CDD provides perpetual maintenance of communtiy  infrastructure.

A very helpful company that I use for CDD pay offs is AJC Associates, Inc. Click HERE to check it out!

AJC Associates, Inc. is a real estate consulting firm serving community development districts in Southwest Florida. This is from their description:

  • A Community Development District (CDD) is a local, special purpose government authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes as amended and is an alternative method for managing and financing infrastructure required to support community development. CDD’s possess several powers as a legal entity, such as the right to enter into contracts; the right to own both real and personal property; adopt by-laws, rules and regulations and orders; to sue and be sued; to obtain funds by borrowing; to issue bonds and levy assessments.
  • CDD’s provide a mechanism for the financing and management of new communities, which is consistent with the local governments’ development procedures and regulations. They represent a major advancement in Florida’s effort to manage its growth effectively and efficiently.
  • The community development district may impose and levy taxes or assessments, or both taxes and assessments, on the property.
  • These taxes and assessments pay the construction, operation and maintenance costs of certain public facilities and services of the district and are set annually by the governing board of the district.
  • These taxes and assessments are in addition to county and other local governmental taxes and assessments and all other taxes and assessment provided for by law.

2542 Marquesa Royale Ln 201-large-027-27-Fountain-1499x1000-72dpi

Tiburon is a beautiful community in Naples. It is a Community Development District.  The CDD responsibilities include maintaining the beautiful fountains and landscaping throughout Tiburon.